The D-Roller will allow you to take the curl out of fine art papers that come off a roll. Most fine art papers can be "D-Rolled" in just a few seconds. Non rag papers will require more D-Rolling time than 100% rag papers. This means more time rolled up in the D-Roller, but rarely more than a few minutes.

The D-Roller product grew out of a need by Don Dressler of Glastonbury Design to generate flat prints rather than those with the frustrating 'roll memory'. The D-Roller has been tested to de-curl thousands of prints on various fine art papers over the last few years and has just now found it's way to the market.

Although it may seem simple in its design, the D-Rollers has several patent-pending features that make it unique and very hard to duplicate in its performance*. This is a high-quality product that is well-built and beautifully designed. It will give your final prints a finished look and a professional edge. Prints make from roll paper will no longer have a second class look! (How do expect customers to respect your fine art prints as "Giclées", when they look like they came off a "plotter printer"?).

Both sizes of D-Rollers can accommodate prints up to 70 inches long.

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D Roller Model 150 -24" Width (1.5" tube)

D Roller Model 150 -24" Width (1.5" tube)
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D Roller Model 150-50" Width (1.5" tube)

D Roller Model 150-50" Width (1.5" tube)
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